Mental Health Services at the University of Maryland

  The University offers a number of Mental Health Services available to all students, conveniently located in the Student Health Center. University of Maryland pleads any student struggling with mental illness to reach out and take advantage of the resources offered. The following services are offered to students at the University of Maryland  

Accommodations for Students with Disabilites

  1. The Shoemaker building, located on South Campus behind the Memorial Chapel, is home to the many offices that offer students the opportunity to overcome their academic and social struggles.
    • The University of Maryland Counseling  Center is based in this building and solely dedicates their time to helping students take advantage of all services the University offers.
    • The Office of Disablility Support Services can be found in the basement (0106). Additionally, the Learning Assistance Center can be found upstairs at 2202. Navigate to the other tabs located on the right for additional information!

  2. Learning Assistance Center

    The LAS collaborates with other campus partners to provide innovative and supportive services to help all University of Maryland students achieve success in college and life. 

    Services the Learning Assistant Service offers include
    Academic Counseling
    Academic Success Workshops
    Content Area Support Programs
    Guided Study Sessions
    Math Learning Program
    Study Tables

    LAS is located in the Counseling Center
    2202 Shoemaker Building

    Office Hours 
    Monday - Friday 
    8:30 am - 4:30 pm

  3. Disability Support Services

    Anyone who has a documented disability is eligible to apply for reasonable accommodations. An individual with one or more physical or mental impairments that interfere with major life activities might qualify for accommodations.

    In order to receive requested academic accommodations through the Disability Support Service, a student with a documented disability must:

    • initiate contact with the DSS and attend a registration meeting
    • submit disability documentation
    • complete registration materials
    • engage in an interactive process in order for the DSS to determine qualification for services and eligibility for requested academic accommodations.

    DSS Main Office
    4281 Chapel Lane
    0106 Shoemaker Building
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8:30am to 4:30pm)

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

​​In some instances, group therapy is preferred due to it being the most effective way of helping students learn and grow. At the University of Maryland, group therapy is completely free and there are numerous different groups broken apart by the different mental illnesses. Group therapy focus heavily on four building blocks:
  • Acceptance (safe environment that welcomes openness and no judging)
  • Universality (create the feeling in students that they are not alone in their suffering) 
  • Feedback (ensure communication and discussion between students in the group) 
  • Confidentiality (information discussed in group sessions not shared outside of therapy)
​Different group therapies that the University of Maryland offers include:​​

To inquire about any of the group therapy sessions above, you may call (301)-314-8106    
Womens Growth
Eating Disorders
Sexual Assault

Suicide Prevention

This year, 1 in 3 Terps will feel too depressed to function. While not all depressed students are suicidal, most who are suicidal are severly depressed. The University of Maryland encourags Terps to talk to someone if they are feeling down.
  • Phone-based service enables students to talk with a trained clinician or personell 
  • UMD Mental Health hotline at (301)-314-8106, Monday through Friday 8:30am-5pm
  • The Learning Assistance Center (Shoemaker Building, 2nd floor) provides resources to help students cope with high stress and adapt to living on campus
  • When this hotline is not operating, the University defers to the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
The Student Health Center provides students with individualized therapy, which provides
  • A private environment between the therapist and the student seeking out therapy
  • Opportunity to discuss challenges you face regarding mental health
  • Treatment plans or coping methods that fit into your schedule and lifestyle 
  • To make an initial appointment, please visit myuhc.umd.edu and fill out the intake survey. ​​

Medication Evaluation

The Health Center allows students to meet with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner to: 
  • Discuss the student's stress levels, academic and social performance with respect to mental health
  • Determine whether or not medication could benefit and improve symptoms that impair the student
  • Continue previous medication treatment with a provider at the University Health Center while you are away from home, given proper  documentation of previous diagnosis
  • Provide medication for ADHD, given proper  documentation of previous diagnosis
The University recommends students to continue recieving treatment from their Psychiatrist unless unable to do so. To start seeing a provider at the Health Center, you may call (301)-314-8106 to schedule a psychiatric evaluation.

Information for this page was gathered by Mike Novak